English Paper Piecing from the King George quilt in the V &A

I'm fascinated by the wonderful and intricate detail in the King George coverlet in the V &A.

It's a wonderful textile, evocative of a time and place and the preoccupations of people at the time. The centre panel has King George reviewing his troops and the border appliques have scenes from every day life. However I just love the circular pieced motifs that make up the bulk of the coverlet. 

They were drawn up with straight line and compass and reflect the skill of the designer. We are so lucky today to be able to draw up motifs much more quickly and accurately with Geometry software. Geogebra is free geometry software and it is fabulous for drawing these blocks up. 

Here is my version of one of the blocks from the quilt.

king george block 1.png

King George 1

English paper pieced pattern for the King George quilt

Now, I'm trying to work out how to add a video from screencastomatic to show how its done ..... This is more difficult than it looks. So bear with me and I'll definitely add the pdf file to download the pattern below.

PDF pattern for EPP templates for block One

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