Visual Illusions

These blocks are available as patterns on craftsy , as is the quilt setting pattern.


IMG_6287 copy.jpg

background foreground illusion

Do you see the white crossor the black zig zags?

IMG_6289 copy.jpg

The cafe wall illusion

Do the lines veer up or down?

IMG_6291 copy.jpg

Pyramid illusion

Does the shape appear to be 3 dimensional?

Does it move towards you or away from you?

IMG_6309 copy.jpg

Impossible object

Could you really make it?

IMG_6288 copy.jpg

Lattice Illusion

Do you see the white lattice or the black and grey shapes?

Do the black and grey shapes appear to move?

available on Craftsy

quilt setting five illusions picture.JPG

Five illusions Quilt setting