Exhibitions in Melbourne

Popped down for the weekend to see a couple of exhibitions. Had glorious spring weather with no rain in sight. 

The first exhibition was the Annemieke Mein exhbition at the Bayside Arts and cultural centre. I love her work and was so excited to see it in all its three dimensional beauty.

Sadly , no photos allowed at the exhibition, but do take a look at her website, Its beautiful work. 

Annemieke Mein website: http://www.annemiekemein.net.au/

Bayside Arts and cultural centre is in a pretty spot, just get off the train at Middle Brighton and take a short walk to the library and council chambers.


Bayside Arts and Cultural centre

After a coffee (great cafes in Middle Brighton) we went for a walk down the beach. Ok, not a surfing beach, but its always peaceful to see the water and I enjoyed the beach huts.... don't know where else in Australia you would see them.

Beach huts, Brighton

The following day we headed into the city for 'the making of the Australian Quilt' at the NGV. Once again an easy train ride getting off at Flinders St Station. 

The NGV let you take photos, but only for personal use. So here's the link and they have got the highlights up.


It was a very extensive collection and clearly quiltmaking was a popular and skilled pastime. There were a mix of styles, hexagon, log cabin, crazy, applique and embroidered.

My favourite was an embroidered blanket made by a corporal while he was a pow in Germany in WWII. Apparently he took it with him when he escaped because he said it was too much work to leave behind. I think most quiltmakers would understand and agree. It was heavily embroidered.

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