The road home

The Road Home

What a wonderful idea and so evocative. Since we are small children ‘going home’ has meant that special sense of comfort and belonging, and the road home is always good to see after a hard day at work, or a long trip. My road home has changed a lot over the years, but wherever I’ve been, the drive home has always been time to reflect and relax and enjoy the beauty of the world. Now, when I leave work, here’s my first top spot.

Often, we can see whales passing up and down the coast, travelling in small groups, mothers looking after calves, males pushing each other around. Always, the view of a whale is a small miracle.

 Often we see pelicans, perched on lampposts or swimming in the bay, both stately and bizarre with their large beaks and slow flight. The pandanus trees just say beach with their weird roots and shaggy angular bundles of leaves. And of course the surfers just live in the moment of water, movement, power, freedom and skill.

So my road home is a celebration of life and joy and our wonderful planet. I hope you enjoy making my pattern and can think of all the happy times you have been near the sea or enjoyed being part of the natural world.

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Susan Griffiths