The coming of the Magi

My Magi are a little bit of a long time on the march. Happily, EQ8 is now downloaded and I'm researching trappings for camels. This is a very brief progress update. 

© Sue Griffiths 2017, work in progress

© Sue Griffiths 2017, work in progress

I was thinking of a camel train against the dawn sky, but I like the cliff cut dwellings and the idea that there might be an oasis hidden in the hills. So I'm working on a dawn scene with the camels, the magi, and the retinue, you know, pack camels, servants, that kind of thing. The camel trappings I think will have to be embroidered to get the tassels. and I'm wondering whether to paint the sky to get the bleeding of colours in the sky.

My problem is camels have such awesome expressions that I want to do more ....... And I want a piper and a drummer (you know, to announce their coming in the cool grey dawn)...... 

Please leave me a comment. What do you think? 

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