Visual Illusions

Visual illusions are such fun. I think either you love them or hate them and I love them. I think they would make an awesome quilt of duvet cover for anyone who loves illusions. I was thinking college students. So far I've got the block patterns done and am working on a quilt setting. I've put the blocks up on Craftsy, and I'm getting there with the quilt .....



IMG_6291 copy.jpg

Pyramid illusion

inspired by Victor Vasarely

IMG_6288 copy.jpg

Lattice illusion

What do you see? lattice or squares?

IMG_6287 copy.jpg

Star Illusion

Do you see the star in the centre?

IMG_6309 copy.jpg

impossible object

my favourite

IMG_6289 copy.jpg

Cafe wall illusion

Do the lines bend?