I've been quilting since I was in high school in New Zealand - before we had quilt shops or rotary cutters or rulers. I was taught english paper piecing and that was the only way we thought to make anything.

Then I used my sewing machine to make a duvet cover with pieced blocks and a hand embroidered centre panel, very 70's in chocolate brown and cream (nice!). Don't know what happened to that one.

In my 20's I was teaching in PNG and learnt strip piecing from a quilters newsletter magazine and taught it to the high school girls. This was on butterfly hand crank machines, and we didn't worry about wadding because of the heat. (They were so proud)

After marrying an Australian, I ended up living and having my family in Australia. I made baby quilts from magazines will in the Kimberley. I was introduced to rotary cutters and pin basting by the lovely ladies in Dalby, Qld. I continued to quilt whereever we were, from New South Wales to Darwin, and the friends I have made have been such a joy in my life.

Now, my quilting journey just seems to have expanded to pattern making, teaching, long arm quilting, and many many friends both here and overseas. My goal is to help people learn and to expand my own horizons. I'm really happy to share with you.

Self portrait: raw edge applique, black on white

Self portrait: raw edge applique, black on white